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Why I choose an Engineering  degree because I know I am not good at Mathematics 
My name is Israel and I am a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering by profession; I am not an intelligent person, to be honest. I would say I am just an average person. During my school days, I know by myself that I am not good at Mathematics. My grade in Algebra is around a passing grade (75% - 78%). 
The reason why I choose Engineering courses is that I do not like to memorize phrases and articles or anything (that was my thoughts) But then when I started Engineering school I also then realized that I need to memorize thousand of formulas and conversion units. so I realized every degree you take will require your memory to be stored it; otherwise, you do not have any answers to word problems if you do not know the formula and conversion units.
So my first thoughts were wrong; So then I continue my Engineering school without a choice but to embrace those thousands of formulas and thousands of conversion unit equivalents. I thought I could not make it when I was in 3rd year in Engineering. 
Along the way of my education, I meet new friends and classmates and some become my old friends until now; There are times that we will do group studies and I notice that not only I am having a hard time with Engineering courses and Mathematics but also the rest of my friends. I also notice that one of my friends (Deans lister/ Smart guy) having also difficulties with our subjects. So I then realized everything is not easy even my smart guy friend having difficulties compared to me that I am just an average person; we do have a common feeling (feeling of difficulties with our subjects).  
As years go by studying Engineering; I passed every subject with an average grade (75% - 79%) and semesters go on; Well;  I admit I studied when there will be quizzes or exams; sometimes I got pass the exams; sometimes I copied answers from my seatmate; sometimes I use my resourcefulness to get some ideas from my friends I also check other sections if they did a quiz earlier than our sections. (to be honest, this will help a lot - a resourceful person). If there are surprises quiz or exams I always get failed. Through this, I also realized that if I study I get a passing grade but if I will not study I get failed. So I continue to practice solving problems and it works for me if I do practice solving problems. 
As far as I can remember; the highest grade I have is 100% for Physical Education subject only and other minor subjects (History 101 /English 101/ Values 101) help me pass on average in total to pass all my grades and finished also my Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering. 
I hope that you enjoy reading my experience and you will get inspired somehow. 




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