Self Quiz is a free quizzes platform for everyone; Our objective is to share online free quizzes or exams with everyone and share your experience with our blog stories where anyone is an author for our storyteller. 

We provide quizzes from nurseries to professionals and you can write your own stories with us you share your real experience with us during your school days or in your professional life; Anyone can be an author to your own stories. In this way, you can express truly your experience and help the community inspired by your true life story. 

For our online quizzes and exams, we have 3 types of categories; pre-employment quizzes, professional quizzes, and school quizzes. Our quizzes and online exam come from our volunteer teachers, parents, who love to teach Mathematics, English, and Science around the globe. 
If you think you have something to share with a quiz, exam, or story with us please send us an email using our contact page or register on our page to be part of a bigger community.
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Companies can also use our pre-employment quizzes if they want their candidate wants to take the pre-employment quizzes online. It is also applicable for young professionals who want to practice and want to pass their quizzes during their pre-employment in any company. The following free quiz will give you an understanding of the tests and provide valuable insights into the way you think.


School quizzes are for students; They can help them enhance their knowledge and get higher grades. Quizzes help students identify what they know and what they don't know. It also encourages students to study regularly and allows students to build knowledge gradually.


Professional quizzes are types of quizzes that can be used if you plan to take professional licensure quizzes. It is useful for individuals who take self-reviews and reviewers.   


Since SelfQuiz is for everyone then you can be one of our authors and share your true-to-life stories to make everyone inspires and get ideas from each other and learn from others' mistakes. Any topic you like to write about is allowed our friendly volunteer moderator will review and approve your Articles.


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