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How can a volunteer Teacher earn money?

By sharing your knowledge and quizzes online. You need to register first (Here); Once you have completed the registration process; we will send you email and ask more details. If you don't have paypal account we strongly suggest to create one; creating PayPal account if free.  (paypal account registration here). In our platform you can offer free or paid or either. For paid courses; you can input how much price you sell for your courses and services.

Quiz results privacy?

All quizzes results are confidential and can only viewed by the quizzes takers. The individual results of the quizzes will be sent via email automatically  and can be viewed once you finished the quizzes on our platform.

For pre-employment quiz?

Pre-employment quiz has two options; if the company requires to use their registered email; then the quiz results can be view on there profile. Second option, If the company requires you to use your personal email; then you need to forward the results to them or the company may request to us the results via email and we will send to there registred email for the results.

How do we submit our courses/quiz ?

Once you register as a volunteer teacher, you will have your own access to input your quizes/ lessons / events / schedule / . In your profile; you can input your quizzes and with your own price. If you have issues, questions and clarification; you can email us.

What if I will not continue my volunteer?

You can send us email anytime and we will delete your profile immediately.

Where does donation goes?

Your donation will go to our site maintenace, monthly server hosting payment, yearly domain name renewals, secured site renewals and other maintenace cost for the web developers. We also support poorest of the poor kids and childrens every year. Usually we share it with foods, snacks and other school supplies. We make sure your donation spent well every cents in a proper way.

What about the paid courses?

Paid courses goes to our volunteer teachers; who work hard to make it available via online. We don't get commissions from the voluunter teachers; It is up to them if they share there us a donations.

Does SelfQuiz handle customized quizzes?

Yes; we handle customized quizzes for companies, schools and review centers. Just drop us the email with your quizzes and we will input it on our site. 

Can you delete the customized quiz after?

Yes, of course. If you dont want us not to show this quizzes in the public view we can delete it for you. 1 drop of email request and we will deleted it right away.

Certification from SelfQuiz?

Yes; After you finished your quizzes; certification of completion can be printed or viewed on your account profile. Here is the quick guide.

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